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prscalsång works best in somewhat loose pants. Then your butt gets better ventilation under prscalsång when moving around. Only thing needed in pants are the belt loops or such places to tie prscalsång baggy on.

In any case prscalsång stays quite well in right place even if it is not fixed with the belt loops. In earth we have this thing called gravity, that makes sure prscalsång is trying to go down all the time. Material selection helps here also.

This unfortunately isn’t really so straight forward. At least not so optimally. Attachment strings can be extended with any strings available and such way it may be possible to fix prscalsång on longer pant designs.

In any case prscalsång stays quite well in right place even if it is not fixed with the belt loops. In earth we have this thing called gravity, that makes sure prscalsång is trying to go down all the time. Material selection helps here also.

This is more a question of personal hygiene or smell preference. We strongly recommend to wash prscalsång every now and then. Even though the liner part is made to help breathability.

Of course! You can for example use double insulation parts inside liner part. This however causes the prscalsång to be more visible outside or feel too thick while moving.

Of course this also can be done! For example on a dry and a bit warmer weather you can take the insulation or liner part out. The insulation part nor the liner part doesn’t stay that well in place without each other, but prscalsång work ok that way also.

All components and material are chosen keeping in mind that we all like winter. All prscalsång fabrics are recycled PET, that means basically old bottles.

Manufacturing is mainly done in Estonia and all sourcing is from EU.

This topic is important for prscalsång and prscalsångers!

Well, this is a story of it’s own. Try to get close to Hairy Mic at some event or elsewhere and ask directly. That’s the best way to hear that story.

Best first guess is to pick your size by your length. If you still feel unsure, you can measure between the highest point of your buttock to just above your knee bend. Compare this measure to the insulation part length and pick the next one down. You can always adjust the height where pracalsång is all the way to the beltline. The lowest edge of prscalsångin should be just above your knee bend when you’re standing. Then it is most comfortable.

You can check our sizing tips below or on our IG.

Too big prscalsång is more or less just not so optimal feeling wise as it keeps tingling you from your super sensitive knee bend area. I’ve also noticed that too big size also tends to start twisting and turning more in an undesired manner.

You can check our sizing tips below or on our IG.

The worst thing that happens, is that prsacalsång cannot warm your Butt in an optimal manner. Otherwise it doesn’t really matter.

You can check our sizing tips below or on our IG.

Oh boy, sure! You can easily move prscalsång from pants to another. You can also have multiple prscalsång baggy parts ready on most used pants and just swap liners and insulations here and there if you don’t like or want to play with the strings and knots.

Skiing, hunting, fishing, sailing, boating, snowmobiling, dog sledding, watching football/ice hockey/horse racing etc., trekking, picnicing and so on. Use possibilities are in your imagination.

Well well… Yes and no. I would say using a belt to tie prscalsång on it would make your outfit then quite nice. But then you already wear a belt and are not anymore technically naked.

I’m not a doctor, but I can have a look!

Folklore and traditional beliefs say that sitting on/in cold can induce infections and prostate pains, but there is no such medical evidence that directly links these together. However, I want to keep my valuables comfortable and if that helps with these things at the same time, I am just more happy.

Tip one is to double the insulation as is done in the Super Cold Edition package.

Tip two is use those chemical boot/glove heaters and drop one of those into each leg of prscalsång. There it will be just behind your knee bend where big blood veins are close to surface. It is very effective way to get more heat into your system, if that is what you want.

Very good when hunting, fishing or boating and generally in situations where the idea is not to move.

Of course it is. It is actually almost an essential gear for any kid that likes to play outside on no-matter-what-weather!

Smaller sizes, especially XS prscalsång original or Super Cold Edition, is a great match for a youngster body shape. XS size goes well for kids above 120 cm. Maybe even shorter, but we do not yet have confirmed sight of such case.

How to… 1

Assemble your prscalsång holy trinity for your butt:

First, slide the prscalsång insulation parts in the liner bag slots. One (can be more if you prefer) for each buttock. See that you fit it the right way, sharp corner is top corner away from your spine.

This sub assembly of prscalsång insulation and liner will then go inside the prscalsång baggy. No matter which way really front or back, butt up and down should be quite obvious. Slide one of the two middle straps through the lonely button hole on the baggy top front part and you’re ready.

Now you are holding the holy trinity of complete prscalsång kit in your hands. Pick your go-to trousers you’re gonna go out with next and fit prscalsång on them. Tie the straps on your shell pant belt loops with your preferred knot style and slide prscalsång inside your pants. Good way to find ok height for it is to fit groin parts together.

Next assemble yourself inside the pants and get out there to make new stories…

How to… 2

Selection of right size for every butt is made rather simple. There are 5 sizes that should correlate with your height if you are a human-assumed.

  • XL (190 cm-)
  • L (180 cm-189 cm)
  • M (170 cm-179 cm)
  • S (150 cm-169 cm)
  • XS (-150 cm)

S and XS are a bit narrower designs also. Goes for kids also.

How to… 3

If you feel uncertain about your averageness you can also make a check measurement.


Sit on a bench put your finger and/or tape measure on the spot where butt meets the bench.


Stand up and place two fingers and the other end of the measure on your knee bend. Check how that measure changes when you sit or stand (it changes on normal people).


There you have the measure you should compare with these numbers below. They are the lengths of the insulation part.


The max measure you took from yourself sitting is pretty much the maximum length that works well. So you should rather pick smaller than larger. XS and S are also a bit narrower and good fit for juniors also.


Length of the insulation bit by size:

  • XL (505 mm)
  • L (455 mm)
  • M (405 mm)
  • S (355 mm)
  • XS (305 mm)