Why prscalsång? The beginning!

Back in the winter of 2014-2015 Hairy Mic was having the time of his life living in small town in French Alps. Winter was as winters are, snowy and cold at times. The best days, those with blizzard kind of conditions kept adding up.

Skibum living looked good on him.

However, there was a problem that needed some attention… Ski days are often really cold especially in the morning, lifts are windy, snowy or wet. In Lapland on the other hand it is generally always cold, windy and lifts tend to be even more icy. Hairy Mic didn’t want to overheat while doing the best thing in life with clothes on. Leaving one layer away under the shell caused the annoying feeling of shivering cold every time after stopping for a moment or sitting in the lift for next run. After some weeks of skiing with too much or too little insulation he started to develop a solution on the problem. One starlight night laying in bed thinking of next day skiing the idea jumped out (or the bulb lit). After searching through boxes of clothes and gear, he started to sew together bits and pieces and after a couple of hours of messing around, there it was.

Generation 1 of the prscalsång was born. During the spring 2015 evolution reached alienlike development and reached generation 3, before ski season ended. Hairy Mic was searching for a sewing machine and other gear needed for making ideas real. Numerous old garments were re-shaped and tuned to make the idea more suitable and functional. And of course testing. A lot of testing. Essentially skiing in all conditions as well as sitting around in different places from snowy mountain tops to after-ski bars and so on.


Generation 3 was kinda good enough for the problem and evolution almost stopped for a couple of years. Other parts of life started to take more time. Work in the office, sitting in meetings, traveling on business trips around europe and far east.

Evoluutio jatkuu

Skiing, fishing, hunting and other outdoor sports didn’t really have as much time as Hairy would have wanted. Until things started to go right way again. In the summer 2018 it was clear that life is going to the Alps direction again, development started to bubble in mind again. Season 18/19 was again living mostly the dream in the hug of alpine views, butt unfortunately working on big machines on mechanical industry at the same time. Meetings, skiing, meetings, eating, skiing, laptoplaptop, sleeping.

During that year evolution 4 kicked in. That evolution stage took the idea to the level that Hairy actually started to use the prscalsång everywhere on cold business. Hunting, fishing, hiking, outdoor events etc.. That was also the time when Hairy Mic started to believe really that there could be potential in the product to help other chilly butts out there. He was still being busy engineering and being all important corporate slave, so idea kept evolving slooooowly. Testing, tuning, changing, trying different fixing methods and materials, learning to sew, finding materials, destroying more garments. The new thing now was, that friends got to (or had to) start trying the prscalsång prototypes. People liked them. Not all, butt most. It is one of those things, once you try it you don’t want to survive without it.

Share the joy!

After 8 years of chit chat and a hell of a lot of discussions with many friends and acquaintances in ski lifts, after skis, hunting, fishing and sitting by a bonfire life got it right for prscalsång to reach its last generation, gen 8. That’s where we are now and hopefully You guys find it as awesome as I do!

Now the rest of the world can help their chilly butts with it.

There are many technical features and details that are thought of, butt most likely something also in the pipeline or at least should be there. I’m looking forward to Your comments and ideas to keep our hobbies joyful and butts warm on the go.

Cheeky greets,
Hairy Mic

What is prscalsång?

Prscalsång is essentially a seat/butt warmer. It’s not quite just a seat warmer as it travels with you, wind won’t blow it away, you don’t need to play with it back and forth in a rucksack or pocket. It’s not quite just a butt warmer as it is not on your bum all the time. It is hanging between your precious butt and even more precious (expensive) shell pants.

When you move or do your best trick to impress those other skibums you are with, you tend to put in a lot of effort. And that means things in the groin area tend to get juicy. Especially so if you wear that extra pair of whatevermerinowool to keep your butt from icing solid while sitting on a lift. Butt prscalsång will be ventilating your butt nicely while your putting in the effort.

Prscalsång makes it a bit easier to wear smartly and just right for this kind of variable need hobbies. No matter if you are climbing up the mountain on rando mode with vents open in you posh shell pants or blasting down the best lift powder of your life, prscalsång is there with you right when you stop for a snack after a hard climb or sit in the windy and slushy lift planning for the next line down.

Prscalsång can make your days that tiny bit more enjoyable. From good to great, you know! It might even help keep those peeing utilities somewhat better safe from cold. For those who are more worried about how they appear prscalsång doesn’t change that, sorry. One thing is for sure, once you try it, it’s gonna be hard not to have it.

Prscalsång will follow you everywhere, it won’t leave, it’ll hug your butt always when you need it the most!