prscalsång Insulation


Note! This is only one component of prscalsång set. A pair of insulation bits.

Bundle with package of original prscalsång bag and liner and get the holy trinity of butt comfort experience.

You can also use double insulation in your prscalsång set.

Pick your size and you´re ready to go.

Made of aluminium coated closed cell foam. These are sold in pairs.

Genuine prscalsång insulation addon. This pack includes a pair of original prscalsång insulation bits for added warmth and full waterproofing. This is the choice of those who really put their butt first, enjoying second and forget the cold.

For now there is one width to warm them all.

Size chart is rather simple, your height in cm should quite well correlate with the size you need. prscalsång size XL (190cm-), L (180cm-189cm), M (170cm-179cm), S (150cm-169cm), XS (-150cm), XS size is pretty much right for juniors. Tested on some boyz and girlz who are 140cm(ish).

For double checking see additional info on size check info video.

Weight 0.1 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL