“The best thing for outdoors ever. My butt never deep freezes anymore. Highly recommended!”

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What the prscalsång?

Prscalsång is essentially a butt warmer. It’s not quite just a seat warmer as it travels with you, wind won’t blow it away, you don’t need to play with it back and forth in a rucksack or pocket.

It’s not quite just a butt warmer as it is not heating your bum all the time. It is hanging between your precious butt and even more precious (expensive) shell pants.

The name prscalsång comes essentially from “butt” & “long johns”, so a bit like buttjohns!

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prscalsång baggy, liner and insulation as kit ready to go.

Why prscalsång?

No matter what your thing out there is, prscalsång is there with you smooching with your butt. Prscalsång can make your days and those memorable moments that tiny bit more enjoyable. From good to great, you know!

For those who are more worried about how they appear prscalsång doesn’t change that, sorry.

One thing is for sure, once you try it, it’s gonna be hard not to have it.